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Gardening adds years to life and life to years!

We welcomed a wonderfully big group of garden volunteers for our October gathering in the beautiful sunshine. A special welcome to our new volunteer, Elena, who is the grand young age of 91 years! Elena says she often comes to sit in the Walled Garden to enjoy its tranquillity and being in nature. And, we were pleased to see George in attendance, our expert and retired head gardener of Ravenscourt Park.

We were busy weeding the rose garden, cutting back the straggly plants in the central area near the sundial, attacking the ever-present bindweed on the bushes and general tidying for the autumn season. At least 4 or 5 trips with the barrow to the compost site were needed with all the cuttings.

Everyone enjoyed catching up for a conversation, sharing stories of family, work and travels, re-connecting with friends and working together to keep the garden looking its best for all the visitors to enjoy. In fact we carried on with our gardening well into the early afternoon - a wonderful community gathering. We hope you enjoy seeing the results of our collective efforts if you visit the Garden someday!


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